dhtmlxSuite 4.3: Carousel, Sidebar with Bubbles, Range Slider and More

June 23rd, 2015

We’re happy to inform you that dhtmlxSuite is updated to the version 4.3! The new version introduces new UI widget – JavaScript Carousel, several significant new features in existing components, and also general improvements and bug fixes. Now let’s look at these updates one by one.

JavaScript Carousel Component

The list of UI controls in Suite library is expanded by dhtmlxCarousel, a JavaScript widget for creating carousel for sliding any kind of content you add in cells – it can be images, text, grids, trees, etc.

JavaScript Carousel

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How to Use dhtmlxScheduler in MeteorJS Based Apps

June 17th, 2015

We’ve already described how to integrate dhtmlxGantt with Meteor Framework, and this time we’ll share quite similar instructions on how to use our JavaScript Event Calendar with MeteorJS.


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Your Actual File System with dhtmlxFileSelector

May 19th, 2015

Not so long ago we presented a mini component for convenient selection of data from database. This time we’d like to share the similar solution, but the purpose of it is quite different – it provides the ability to read your file system easily. So, meet another DHTMLX mini component – dhtmlxFileSelector.

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Using DHTMLX Gantt Chart with MeteorJS Framework

May 15th, 2015

MeteorJS is an open-source real-time JavaScript web application framework written on top of Node.js. The coolest thing about it is the ability to automatically transfer data changes to clients in real-time without requiring the developer to write any synchronization code.

On the client, Meteor can be integrated with any JavaScript UI library and we have managed to simplify using of dhtmlxGantt with this framework.

dhtmlxGantt and Meteor integration
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DHTMLX Gantt Chart Roadmap 2015

May 11th, 2015

We’d like to share dhtmlxGantt Roadmap with you. Here you’ll find our plans about new API, features, samples, tutorials and other things that we’re going to present in near future.

The direction of future development of our Gantt component doesn’t completely depend on the ideas of our dev team. It’s important for us to get know what functionality you need, and where and how you’re going to use the component. Many plans in this roadmap were taken from forum, support tickets, feedback after evaluation and other sources.

And you’re also welcome to vote for the features you’d like to see first, tutorials and samples that would be most useful for you.

gantt chart roadmap

As you can see, sharing your ideas is really worthy. Thank you for your opinion and for staying with us.

dhtmlxDataSelector: Mini-Component for Organizing Your Data

May 8th, 2015

Our team has developed several mini-components that won’t be officially included in the dhtmlxSuite package, but they represent some interesting and useful solutions that you can use in your apps. And today we are glad to introduce the first mini-component – dhtmlxDataSelector.

What is dhtmlxDataSelector?

dhtmlxDataSelector is a JavaScript component that will help you to overcome the limits of information that can be placed in the combobox. It represents rich select functionality with ability to get large sets of data out of the database, group and structure these data.


1) Advanced searching for flexible work with the data.

This feature is really convenient if you have the database with a huge number of employees, their addresses and some other details. Based on your needs you can group the data and set any nesting level. View demo.

rich select javascript
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DHTMLX-Gii Code Generator for Yii Framework 2

May 5th, 2015

Yii is an open source and fast web application PHP framework. Yii includes a Web-based code generation tool called Gii which is used for quick generation of models, forms, modules, CRUD, etc. To extend the functionality of Gii, you can customize the existing code generators or write completely new generators based on your needs. We have chosen the second option.

And so, we’d like to introduce DHTMLX Many Tables Generator, a code generator for Yii Framework 2 that creates many editable tables from the database of your website. We use dhtmlxGrid library for created grids. As a result, you’ll get a ready CRUD admin panel.

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DHTMLX Little-Known Features: Segmented Button for Toolbar

April 16th, 2015

We are glad to share one more DHTMLX tip, and this time you’ll know how to divide the buttons from toolbar into groups (grouped buttons also know as segmented button).

You can create several segmented buttons for a single toolbar. Only one button at a time can be pressed within the group. It provides you more abilities with dhtmlxToolbar: click on the screenshot below to open demo and you’ll see how these groups can be used in practice.

Segmented button in toolbar

Click to open live demo

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Meet dhtmlxSuite 4.2 with New Component – dhtmlxSidebar

April 8th, 2015

We are excited to announce the update of our JavaScript UI library, dhtmlxSuite. This update is directed to enhance the functionality of the library by fixing the known bugs and making other improvements. We didn’t add lots of new features to the existing components, but we would like to present a new widget – dhtmlxSidebar.

JavaScript Sidebar Navigation Menu

Our new JavaScript sidebar component represents a nice vertical navigation menu. Any items can be placed in Sidebar on the left side and any DHTMLX components can be attached on the right.

javascript navigation menu
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DHTMLX Little-Known Features: “Soft-Closed” Windows

March 31st, 2015

One more small DHTMLX tip with the help of which you’ll be able to close window (not collapse), but it will be still active and continue working on background.

Why does someone need it? It’ll save you from the necessity to load the definite part of information each time, i.e. the work with your app will render faster.


Click to open live demo

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